H B Singh

Pushpendra Singh Sir is an extremely capable business leader who has always believed in maintaining a good work place environment. He is strong with his concepts and has a rich array of experiences and ideas. He has a rare capability to turn obstacles into stepping stones. I wish him good luck for a successful professional and family life.


A transformational leader, visionary strategist, assertive trailblazer, influential architect of human minds & behaviours, magnanimous impresario, result-oriented plotter, etc. is how I remember my mentor Mr. Pushpendra Singh at HARTING India. I recall the smiling face & grass-root personality which was full of humility. He had clarity of mind coupled with excellent strategic planning & execution skills. He knew how to lead the team. He taught me patience & perseverance. He created positive mindset in the team to achieve the results.

Sanjeev Malik
Sanjeev Malik

Mr. Pushpendra is one of the finest person i have come across with in my entire life. He is a thorough gentle man & set examples for his colleagues to follow. Given an opportunity, I would definitely like to work with him at any point of time as there's so much to learn from him. I wish him all the best.