Palash Nandy
Palash Nandy CEO

Mr. Pushpendra recruited me in MDS in 1990. He was instrumental in guiding and teaching me the ways of business. Mr. Singh is an extremely polite person with a very steely resolve to get things done. His ability to gain quickly the knowledge of the products, market and the market environment is simply GREAT. His ability to simplify and solve seemlingly big problems is commendable. And to top it all is his people skills - very humble and approachable.

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Lokendra Singh

Mr. Singh is a gem. His ability to listen patiently allows us to speak our heart out without any hesitation always. The way he frames his questions allows you to open up and which is very essentials for a coach. His new avatar as a coach is commendable the way he stream you through the process and allows you to arrive at your own solution rather than he proposing himself. This ensures that we own the solution and be accountable. His ways of providing feedback is always assisting in your own goal setting and ensure that we recognise and understand our strengths which helps any coachee to work on its own solutions and how to use your strengths for your own benefits. I would recommend him as a coach to all the leaders and the time he spends in working out for each individual is heartening and always appreciable. I wish him all the best for his endeavour.

Vijayakumar Rajagopal
Vijayakumar Rajagopal

"I worked with Pushpendra as a fellow coach during our journey with CFI. Pushpendra quickly develops trusted relationship with his Coachee through deep listening, empathy, presence and understanding their context. Pushpendra helped his Coachee to explore and understand their symptoms many layers below the surface, develop alternate perspectives and able to bring about a sustainable behavioural changes in his coachees. Pushpendra maintains curiosity and is a continuous learner. His vast experience in senior levels comes as an asset makes to be a mentor for a short period when absolutely necessary and continue his role as a coach to create value for his Coachee. I wish Pushpendra all success."