Swiss Company
CEO of a Swiss Company

The Coaching exceeded expectations & it was value adding. In this period, I was personally enriched & started looking life from a different angle. He has shown me or guided me to bring personal life happiness. I have learned to “Listen” actively.
This period I have developed new “Habits” and learnt tools to build and sustain habits. I have great regards for Mr Pushpendra for his support & guidance. I thank him for the bottom of my heart.

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MD of a German Company

When we started dialogue I was contend at where I was. I knew there where areas I needed to improve. But from a holistic point of view I had lost focus which through our dialogue came to light. In fact in my view I was in a Slumber and here came PS who systematically made me aware of my strength, my goals, the alignment between thought and action That’s really when I woke up and have started moving. With data he showed me the impact of some behavioural issues I needed to sort.
I would like to record my deep-felt gratitude for his commitment on this.

Swiss Company
Manjul Trehan

I have known Mr Pushpendra Singh for almost 17 years now. Even though We worked in the same company where he was head of a different Divison, he always inspired on how he mentored his team and was always available to coach me on managing relations and meeting expectations of the MD. His knowledge, practical experience and ability to explain in most simplest form has guided me over so many years. Even though both of us moved to different companies but he was still accessible and made time to meet and guide. I still remember meeting him during Harting days in Chennai when I was on expansion mode for my company and he explained about doing business in south India, kids education and leadership life. Till today he is a mentor and life coach to me. Thanks , Sir.