Services Mimamsa - Reflective Leadership

COACHING FOR LEADERS: MIMAMSA provides Coaching for Leaders like MD/CEO/CXOs or Leadership Coaching for people being prepared for these roles. Although most of the leaders are highly successful with proven track record yet their role is “lonely” with nobody to share or bounce their thoughts. Nobody to give the honest feedback and to show them how to leverage their and team member’s strengths to overcome the hurdles or challenges which will lead to improved performance.

COACHING FOR PROMOTERS, ENTREPRENEURS & STARTUP FOUNDERS: Some of the big challenges faced by Promoters, Entrepreneurs and Founders are related to succession planning, retaining talent and lack of professionalism. These have a lot to do with leadership style which can be changed with coaching and reflection. It is imperative when there is leadership change due to handing over to next generation or to professionals. These changes can be unsettling and detrimental to the organisation. For Startup founders the rapid growth and changing requirements at different stages of growth involve continuous evolution of leadership style. 

COACHING FOR MNC & EXPAT LEADERS: The MNC’s who depute their leaders to start up operations in India or an expat deputed first time in India faces several challenges of operating under Indian conditions. MIMAMSA can help in adapting leadership style.

TIME BOUND PROCESS: It is time bound. It lasts about eight to ten months for top leadership for MD/CXO/Promoters and includes a series of powerful and insightful discussions once or twice a month. The feedback and psychological tools are used together with the discussions to enable self-reflection and create self-awareness. The leaders then choose and plan their actions. Even after coaching is over, the coaches ensure sustainability of the actions and are available for support should the need arise.
The coaching programs for mid-level and younger leaders are tailored for the requirement.  

TRAINED & CERTIFIED COACHES: The Coaches are trained and certified by Coaching Foundation of India (CFI). The coaches have been senior persons of the industry who have worked for thirty or more years with many years in senior leadership roles. In an assignment, advice and support is taken from other experienced coaches to increase the quality of coaching. The network of coaches is available in other cities to support if required.

COMMITMENT towards developing Leader: The Coach will remain committed to the Coachee throughout the assignment till it is completed. The Coachee is also expected to remain dedicated and committed to the process. A document ‘Commitment to Collaborate” will be signed by both.

CONFIDENTIALITY & ETHICS: We believe that TRUST in the coaching assignment is the key for achieving desired result. We follow the strict guidelines issued by CFI to ensure that everything is kept confidential and coaches maintain high standard of ethics. COMMITMENT towards developing Leader The Coach will remain committed to the Coachee throughout the assignment till it is completed. The Coachee is also expected to remain dedicated and committed to the process.

Other Services

MNC Entry into India: Mimamsa can support the MNCs planning to establish the business in India. Starting from exploring and “testing the waters” of the Indian business environment to starting up office, developing sales operations, building the team, company formation and strategy formulation. Mimamsa can work together to find suitable partners and advising on mergers and acquisitions.

Business Coaching for MSME: Mimamsa can advise, guide and support the business owner—in developing, starting, and growing your business. We can help you clarify the business goals and objectives and help you develop the skills and acquire the resources needed to operate a successful enterprise. The Business Coach meets with you on a regular basis, either in person or over the telephone, to discuss the current and future business and life issues you are facing. The services covered are Company Planning, Marketing Strategy, Revamping Organisation, Financial Management, Performance Improvement and People Development.

Marketing Consultancy: Mimamsa provides services to understand the marketing needs of the company, support in marketing research, marketing strategy, plans, branding, positioning, effective communications and analysis to gain insights from the data.