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Pushpendra Singh

MIMAMSA – Executive & Business Coaching, Strategy & Management Consulting

Mimamsa is a Sanskrit word meaning “reflection”. When MIMAMSA is used with Leadership it refers to REFLECTIVE LEADERSHIP.  The Management Guru Peter Drucker said “Follow effective action with quiet reflection. From the quiet reflection will come even more effective action” Hence reflection creates continuous performance enhancement and effective leadership style. The good leaders take feedback and do reflection. They contemplate and think about their actions to understand the impact these have on organisations and people.

(Know About) Pushpendra Singh - Executive Coach & Management Consultant
MD with 40 years of Experience, Certified Executive Coach. Certified Corporate Director. Guest Lecturer Pune, Maharashtra, India
About 40 years of experience out of which more than 20 years as the MD/CEO of the organisation. Established three new successful MNC operations in India. Most of the experience with German MNCs. In addition direct experience of functions like Marketing, Materials, Planning, Co-ordination and Projects. Strategy, Building team. During the career has mentored several managers who have later on headed the organisations. From Mentor now metamorphed into Coaching of Senior Management in other companies. Independent Director in Professional Companies
Specialties: Experience of setting up a green field organisation for MNCs in India in the field of Electrical and Electronic Industry. Extensive experience of marketing industrial or domestic electrical products through direct or channel sales. High degree of ability to train, motivate the team and organise them as cohesive team. Ability to analyse and understand figures, financial statements and take quick decisions.
Taught MBA students and now a Guest Lecturer in MBA Institutes.